There is a sense of excitement as the pandemic begins to curve. We see the mask mandates lifted, social distancing not as big of an issue, and the available jobs through the roof.

Some would say Idaho is headed back in a very positive direction. This doesn't come without heartache as we've witnessed financial stress on families. This especially hurts during the Summer months when school is out and kids miss out on meals. That's where the Boise School District comes in.

Boise schools just announced their annual Free Summer Meals Programs are back. This is a free meal program offered by the Boise School District that helps families across Boise at various locations from ages 1-18.

There is no charge to families and these meals are for lunch and breakfast or snacks depending on the location. Things can get difficult for families during the Summer months without healthy choices at schools. When school is out this can really impact families in a negative way. The Boise School District hopes to help families and ask for you to spread the message.

Here's a quick list below. The Free Summer Meals Programs begin on June 1 through July 23, 2021 (Monday through Friday)

Breakfast and Lunch

(12 PM - 12:30 PM | June 1st - July 23rd)

  • West Jr. High (8371 W Salt Creek Ct)
  • Morley Nelson (7701 W Northview St)

(12 PM - 12:30 PM | June 21st - July 23rd)

  • Garfield (1914 S Broadway Ave)
  • Grace Jordan (6411 W Fairfield Ave)
  • Whitney (1609 S Owyhee St)
  • Whittier (301 N 29th St)

Follow the link below for the full list including the Grab & Go Lunch and Snack meals.


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