I have to admit, as much as I enjoy looking into conspiracy theories, nine times out of ten I typically stick with the belief that they're not real. I'm very much a skeptic in the conspiracy world but that doesn't stop me from being intrigued by radical ideas that have a possibility of being true.

Most recently, the country was captivated by the "Chinese spy balloon" that was spotted over America's skies. Social media was flooded with images of this white balloon that was supposedly data-capturing for the Chinese government.

Idaho's connection to the Chinese spy balloon

According to a timeline report from ABC News, the balloon was spotted over the skies of northern Idaho on the 31st of January before being spotted over Montana. The balloon was eventually shot down over the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of South Carolina according to ABC News.

In response, China said in a statement:

The Chinese side clearly requested that the U.S. appropriately deal with this in a calm, professional and restrained manner ... For the United States to insist on using armed force is clearly an excessive reaction.

The triggered response from the Chinese ministry begs the question... what other "secret" operations have they been a part of to mess with the good ol' US of A?

Chris C./TSM Boise
Chris C./TSM Boise

Does the Chinese government have bigger plans?

Is it possible that perhaps it isn't the US government controlling our weather but rather... the Chinese government?

Chris C./TSM Boise
Chris C./TSM Boise

Chemtrails are common in the skies of Idaho and while many of us (myself included) have assumed it to be our own government trying to control the weather... I'm wondering if there is an outside influence that could have a hand in messing with Idaho.

Just imagine if another country figured out how to properly manipulate another country's weather... then what?

Why would I connect it to the Chinese government? Shoot - if you're bold enough to fly a spy balloon over America, what else are you bold enough to do?

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