You lived through crazy Wednesday, survived Black Thursday and Black Friday, and today it’s Cyber Monday.     For some of us it’s confusing and somewhat difficult to find all the great online deals.



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Before you check out any of the deals here are some important points to keep in mind:

1) None of the people posting make a dime from any deal or for mentioning any store. This is is a 100% volunteer effort to save you money.
2) Items will sell out, prices will change and stores will discontinue offers. If a coupon reflects one price, and the store says another, all retailers have the final say.
3) All retailers have been tested repeatedly, all links tested are secure a
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Check out the link below for dozens of cyber deals.  Some examples include blue tooth headphones for only 14.99

Bluetooth speakers normally $249 today just $49

Remote control helicopter normally $69, today $14.99


These are just a few of the dozens of deals that include electronics, toys, clothing, shoes, makeup, and more.


Also just so you know Mix 106 does not make any money from any deal nor are any of these paid products. Also some of these deals could change or be deleted at any time by the retailer.  Mix 106 has no control over any of the deals and the only reason for posting this is to help you find some really good, in some cases fantastic deals and to make it a little easier to save you find deals and save some money on Cyber Monday.