Celebrities love Idaho, some so much that they decided they had to own a home here. Some use their Idaho properties as a vacation house while others have it as a main residence. See 23 celebrities who own a home in Idaho. Keep scrolling to see other celebrities that maybe don't own in the state but that come visit enough that you are you likely to run into them in Idaho.

Celebrities Who Own Property in Idaho

While a few have childhood ties to Idaho many of the following celebrities fell in love with the gem state a little later in life..

10 Celebrities You're Most Likely to Encounter in Idaho

10 More Celebrities You're Most Likely to Run Into in Idaho

A handful of these stars have family with ties to Idaho, while others visit to enjoy all the opportunities Idaho's great outdoors provide!

Celebrities Idahoans Say They Want to Have Lunch With!

10 Celebrities Who Aren't From Idaho But Seem Like They Could Be

Many celebrities were born in raised in Idaho. Even more call it home now. These celebrities aren't them. This is a list of 10 celebs who aren't from Idaho but seem like they could be.

These Celebrities Are Members Of The Yellowstone Club

While some celebrities will never be able to afford the Yellowstone Club, these celebrities are said to be members.

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