If your childhood didn't include jumping down pipes and kicking turtle shells at bad guys, I hope you pick up the habit as an adult. It was a little over 35 years ago that we were blessed with Mario and his fantastical adventures. Starting as an 8-bit character on the Nintendo Entertainment System, the legacy of Mario has endured a myriad of technological advances and remains one of the most beloved characters, videogame or otherwise, of all time. Beau Bridges, Christian Slater, and Fred Savage actually starred in a movie that ends with the unveiling of Super Mario Bros. 3, called The Wizard. Cult classic. Check it out.

Eventually someone realized that March 10th when written "Mar 10" looks like "Mario." And so it has been dubbed Mario Day! So bust out all the old games (blow in the cartridge if it doesn't work) and relive the magic of finding hidden mushroom blocks and saving Princess Peach from Bowser...after first saving Toad multiple times because she's actually in another castle. And if you really want to get crazy, which I think you should, show your love for the mustachioed plumber by heading to the Spacebar Arcade to get some playing done while you have a pint.

"Experience a blast of neon bathed nostalgia with over 30 classic arcade cabinets, a wall of pinball, and a collection of original systems including NES, N64, Gamecube, and beyond!" Nintendo systems seem to be their specialty, so you know there are Mario games to be played! I personally recommend Mario Kart 64. I used to hate it, but nostalgia has given me rose colored glasses for it.

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