The year is either just been flying by or we keep seeing Angler news. It feels like I've written this a few times, but this is a big one.

Idaho Fish and Game just announced the deposit of over 400,000 rainbow trout across the Gem State. Grab a license, some worms, the family, and poles for some great fishing this Spring.

I don't want to say that technology has ruined those little things that we learned as kids. It makes me feel old when I say things like that. For instance, I would go outside and play catch with myself. It was easy to play basketball alone and pretend the game was ending with my final shot. Instead, it's Mario Maker on Nintendo Switch and Youtube kids in 2021.

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You might understand what I mean and this is a great reason to put phones away for a day by the lake. Plus, it looks like everyone is catching something with over 400,000 chances. Get a license for about $30 by following the link.

Let's find out where the fish are being dropped.

  • Panhandle Region
    • Brush Lake - 1,200 Rainbow Trout.
    • Fernan Lake - 6,000 Rainbow Trout.
    • Kelso Lake - 5,000 Rainbow Trout.
    • Sinclair Lake - 500 Rainbow Trout.
  • Clearwater Region
    • Fenn Pond - 1,000 Rainbow Trout.
    • Kiwanis Park Pond - 1,500 Rainbow Trout.
    • Moose Creek Reservoir - 4,500 Rainbow Trout.
    • Spring Valley Reservoir - 4,200 Rainbow Trout.
  • Southwest Region (McCall)
    • Cascade Reservoir - 87,650 Rainbow Trout.
    • Horsethief Reservoir - 35,000 Rainbow Trout.
    • Lost Valley Reservoir - 14,000 Rainbow Trout.
    • Rowland Pond - 2,500 Rainbow Trout.
  • Southwest Region (Nampa)
    • Caldwell Rotary Pond - 900 Rainbow Trout.
    • Grimes Creek - 1,600 Rainbow Trout.
    • Horseshoe Bend Mill Pond - 900 Rainbow Trout.
  • Magic Valley Region
    • Camas Kids Pond - 1,500 Rainbow Trout.
    • Cedar Creek Reservoir - 11,000 Rainbow Trout.
    • Little Camas Reservoir - 4,500 Rainbow Trout.
    • Little Wood Reservoir - 3,000 Rainbow Trout.
    • Thorn Creek Reservoir - 1,800 Rainbow Trout.

Click below to see the Southeast Region, Upper Snake Region, and Salmon Region numbers.

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