Can we get that positive vibe working now? I have a feeling anxiety will only get higher as we get closer to November 3 or you might know it better as election night. It's also my birthday!

Thanks to Idaho Power you have 78,000 reasons to get out of the city and put a smile on someone's face. Those 78,000 moments come in the form of trout in the Snake River.

I don't know many kids that don't love going fishing. It's one moment away from screen time, COVID-19 and homeschool stress. It's moments learning to love life maybe like we did as kids. I'm not sure who enjoys those moments more because we love seeing our children smile with a scream, "I got one!"

In 2019, Idaho Power 2019 Release recognizes with 78,000 rainbow trout to challenge your family, the fun begins. About 52,000 headed to C.J Strike Reservoir, south of Mountain Home includes others between Cottonwood Park boat launch and Jacks' Creek Sportmans's Access. They added 4,000 to Centennial Park new Twin Falls, 15,000 in Lower Salmon Falls Reservoir at Bell Rapids boat ramp.

Similar situation this year with 52,250 to C.J. Strike Reservoir south of Mountain Home, 15,000 to Bell Rapids sportsman's access area, 4,000 in Centennial Park. The Idaho Press is reporting that fish released an average of 12 inches in length and I'll just say that's a win. I've never caught anything longer than an inch. Wait, that might just be the bait. I'll have to go back and look but this just looks like fun.

Do you need to get up in a cooler Fall feel this weekend? Go for it because temperatures will be 20's and below with highs in the lower 50's. I'll post links with fool details and tag me in photos if you head out. Just hit me on Instagram.

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