A few years ago I wrote about real castles located her in Idaho, including this one in  downtown Boise on Warm Springs. It's fairly famous with a rap video filmed there and CBS coming to do a story on the home. Well now you can actually own this castle all for your very own, but you better have a big checkbook.

This house/castle on Warm Springs went up for sale today. (6/1) And if you have an extra 3.4 million dollars it can be yours. Think about it, you could own your very own castle with gargoyles and crossbow slits across the roof, but with all the comforts and warmth of a home, instead of the leaky cold drafty castle experience that castle owners centuries ago had to put up with.

If you're interested and serious about owning, it's listed by Christie's International and I'm sure the price is negotiable.  After all it is the most expensive home listed for sale right now in Idaho.


I was born and raised here and had no idea that we had this many castles in Idaho.  Some just look like castles, while others are actual castles that people live in.


Below is a list of the top ten castles in Idaho


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