Lock your car doors no matter where you live, but a string of car burglaries in Kuna has left the community a little on edge. 

Items were stolen from at least a dozen unlocked cars in Kuna last week and investigators are asking for the public's help to catch the crooks.

According to an article on KTVB that details the crime, the theft happened late last Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning.

The thefts were strung out all over Kuna but in particular, the Luker Road and East Sadie Creek neighborhood was hit. Also targeted by the thieves were the Ten Mile and Kuna roads neighborhood in South Kuna.

Items stolen include a purse, a checkbook, credit cards, and prescription sunglasses.

The woman in the picture above is a suspect in the burglaries. She was caught on a security camera and then again trying to use one of the stolen credit cards at a store. If you recognize the woman in the picture please call Detective Crystal Able at 208-577-3863 or cable@adacounty.id.gov.

I will never forget having my car broken into 15 years ago. It took me months to clear things up. Thankfully I worked at a bank at the time and I could catch the forged checks coming through, but I have never felt so violated in my life. These crooks have no idea the paranoia or the headache they create in people's lives when they commit these crimes.

Be sure to lock up your vehicle, your homes, and all of your property. Also, remember to not warm up your vehicle in your driveway unless you have an automatic start and the car can remain locked.

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