What a rare surprise when discussing the weather isn't contrived small talk meant to get you through a bathroom run in with a co-worker. Seems like everyone was buzzing today about the wild wild wind that began roaring through the valley last night. From uprooted trees to upside down speed limit signs; mailboxes tipped over and trampolines set upside down; the wind was on a mission. But is it done wreaking havoc? I'm totally fine with April showers, but wind isn't supposed to be on the menu.

KTVB7 reports that crazy gusts are largely behind us, with winds hitting 25mph throughout the evening in contrast to the 61mph winds recorded at the Boise airport late last night. Though their meteorology team forecasts colder temperatures for the next couple of days, April is expected to greet us with temperatures in the low 70's. A glance at The Weather Channel app suggests the start of the new month will also be a bright sunny day. Seriously hoping Mother Nature isn't playing an April Fool's joke with that forecast. I've been dying for some Vitamin D.

In fact, the first week of April appears to be typically spring, with most days being partly cloudy and highs not dipping below the 60's. So bust out the sandals and short sleeves, it looks like we can trust that spring will behave itself for a bit. Which also means you should stock up on allergy medicine. I go for the Walgreens version of Claritin. The wind may be settled for now, but the damage is done when it comes to stirring up the pollen. My kid's been sneezing all day.

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