The warnings have been written in Facebook forum posts and everywhere else on the internet; if you're thinking about moving to Idaho from California anytime soon, make it priority number 1 to get your license plate changed.

I've heard from a handful of people myself who claim to have been harassed for driving in Idaho with California license plates. At first, I thought, "It can't really be that bad," but it is! Drivers with California plates have experienced everything from small rocks being thrown at their cars to having rude phrases spewed at them, and even having to deal with some serious road range antics in between.

This disdain for out-of-staters, specifically those from California, is SO REAL and it's a phenomenon exclusive to Idaho. In fact, it should be the sole reason alone Idaho ranks as the most unwelcoming state in the nation. Nonetheless, this hatred from locals hasn't stopped people from moving and visiting Idaho from California.

Californianians are starting to take head though. A photo of a car with a California plate and a note posted to the back windshield is being shared on Reddit. The note reads: "Visting Grand Babies. Don't Worry - I'm Not Staying But I Love Idaho." 

Credit Reddit user paraoblize
Credit Reddit user paraoblize

It's sort of a fun-loving playful note but it's really a sad fact the driver felt this was necessary to do. A few Reddit users noted in the comments that it's not even the people who have grown up in Idaho their whole lives that are responsible for the hateful behavior, it's those who moved to the Gem State themselves just a few years ago. Either way, it's a shame.

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