Even thieves have standards...who knew?

When you're a criminal who's too good to shoplift at Walmart, where else do you go but Tarjay?! The Walmart vs. Target divide is real. Like Pepsi vs. Coke, you're either a Walmart person or a Target person. Some people seriously believe your retailer of choice says a lot about you.

Until now, we never thought about where thieves would fall into the mix 🙃

Fact: shoplifting is bad...

and also illegal. However, while we don't condone theft of any kind, it makes sense that a thief with a yin for affordably-priced fashion and home decor would apply their five-finger-discount at the neighborhood Target.

From cuter accessories, to a wider range of makeup and cosmetics, and better shopping carts (right?!), we admit we're team Target, too. But because we have this thing called a conscience and simple economics shows us that retail theft only makes products more expensive over time, we pay for the things we need.

Sidenote: we also grew up with moms who taught us how to act right & frequently reminded us about what happens to tiny & pretty people in jail 😳


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Theft is the oldest trade in the book. 

Or is it prostitution? Meh, either way, people have stolen since the beginning of time.

Unfortunately, it's a reality Target knows all too well. "Shrink inventory" cost Target a whopping $763 million in 2022—a trend theHustle suggests is here to stay.

Scroll for the 11 most popular items Californians steal from Target. 

11 Most Popular Items Californians Steal from Target

When you're a California thief who's too good to shoplift at Walmart, where else do you go but Tarjayt?! 🙃 

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

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  • 10 things people constantly steal from Walmart

  • California's 10 most stolen cars & 12 most stolen car parts

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  • Watch your back in the 10 most dangerous cities in California

  • 20 deadly weapons Californians are forbidden to own

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