TSA rules & regulations are somethin' else. 

There's nothing quite like a nightmare encounter with our nation's Transportation Security Administration. It doesn't matter if you're catching a flight to paradise or hopping aboard a daily commuter, TSA personnel have a knack for ruining what would be an otherwise fantastic trip. 

To carry-on or check it? That is the struggle, y'all. 

When it comes to what we can and can't keep in our carry-ons, even some the most traveled passengers among us have become jaded by TSA's many restrictions. But there's another side to that coin we doubt most Californians have ever thought to explore: the bizarre things they actually can have on them during a flight.

After witnessing one passenger make it through TSA's security checkpoint with a set of antlers at LAX, we went set out to find the most unusual things we could stash in our carry-on.

Scroll for a look at 26 bizarre things Californians can keep in their carry-ons.

26 Bizarre Things Californians Can Have In Their Carry-On

If a guy made it through TSA's security checkpoint at LAX with pointy antlers in his carry-on, it kind of makes us wonder what else we can get away with.

Thanks to the Bambi-slayer, we found 26 truly bizarre things we never imagined we could keep in our carry-ons.

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

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