Wednesday started around our offices with weekly meetings and planning sessions. It was just a typical afternoon as most were wondering when these clouds were going to burn off.

It was after lunch that our traffic director came through the studio and mentioned something happening on Chinden Boulevard. Listeners began calling into the front desk asking questions which never happens. Well, the listeners were correct and we had a standoff with officers.

I was on my out for a last-second meeting out of the station when the alert came in that things were still in process. Chinden Boulevard was shut down and a standoff with a suspect was still in process. I started receiving more news alerts that this was all part of a police chase that started in Caldwell coming to a standoff with officers.

I think the Meridian Police Department did a phenomenal job keeping the public updated with Tweets during the dangerous chase.

The department dropped spike strips to stop the suspect and used pit maneuvers according to the Meridian Police Department's Twitter account. I continued to receive tweets with the final message that the chase ended and the suspect took his own life,

I think you always hope everyone comes away from a situation like this with a safe outcome. That's not how this one ended according to Meridian Police.

That's all I've heard regarding the pursuit by officers at this point and I'm sure more to follow this week. I'm not sure how this guy lucked out on a drone at the right time without getting taken down but they got away with it. Might be some of the best footage you'll see regarding this incident.


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