This is why I have cameras and that doesn't really mean anything. If you walk up to my doorstep to grab my packages I'll have you on three cameras. Don't waste your time on a $5 shirt people, come on.

Theft is a thing though and we always see it around the holidays. What about after Christmas? Well, the sales continue and returns go on for a while. Meridian police are saying the theft is higher now and keep a lookout.

I don't know about you, but I listen closely when the police department concerns on social media. That's exactly what happened today as a Facebook post went out to everyone living in Meridian regarding theft.

The Meridian Police Department and United States Postal Inspection Service are telling people to keep an eye out when waiting on the mail. The porch pirates are back and I'm not sure if that ever went away. Thieves wait on your packages to arrive and then they walk up for the steal. It's just the one thing I can't stand, stealing.

We're all guilty of just leaving it out on the porch in front of the door. Some of us have things delivered when we aren't at home and that's a prime opportunity for someone to walk up. This also goes for packages being left out for pickup.

Really utilize the apps and emails to keep an eye on your packages. Meridian Police say bring it in and don't wait. Don't just let your packages sit on the door for someone to get ideas. Track those packages and grab them immediately.

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Meridian Police say they received 8 reports of theft in the last week. I'll post up more tips and links below. If haven't received your check for stimulus it's probably to inquire. These people could be out checking for stimulus checks too. Be careful.

There are several security cameras on the market as they've become very competitive. You can find service from Arlo that are wireless, free app, 7 days of recording, and great quality. That's just one of many.


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