I am a fan of the different ways to decorate pumpkins, and this button pumpkin is pretty easy.

This is my BSU ( Blue and Orange) BOO button polka dot pumpkin. It is a simple idea that you can turn into anything you want. Here are the things you will need:

  • Buttons
  • Hot glue gun ( with glue sticks)
  • Pumpkin ( with a stem)
  • Knife
  • Ribbon
  • Tweezers ( optional)

Like I mentioned this is something you can turn into any shape or creation you want. I decided to go with blue buttons in order to be a festive BSU fan. Cut the top off so you can get all the seeds because of course, that's the best part! You then just use the hot glue gun to put on the buttons in whatever saying or shape you want. It's pretty easy. I chose 'Boo' as my saying. I then used the leftover buttons to make a polka-dot effect. The last part is to put the top back on and then wrap the stem with Ribbon.

You can choose any color and any type of ribbon. Just one of many ways to decorate pumpkins.

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