For years now we've all kind of looked at this Hollywood 'A-Lister' as one of our own.  A guy who's YES made it to the big time but a guy who spent lots of his time away from the glamour and glitz of Los Angeles and enjoyed relaxing in his Sun Valley home.  Well, I guess its really a home in Hailey, Idaho but everyone considers it a Sun Valley mansion.

Credit: Travis Jones Real Estate via YouTube
Credit: Travis Jones Real Estate via YouTube

Bruce has been trying to sell the home for a while and originally had it listed at $15 million.  He just sold it for 5 1/2 million dollars.  Pretty big markdown if you ask me.  You can check out how huge and gorgeous this home is at the Town & Country Magazine site.

What does this mean for Bruce Willis and Idaho?  Word is that Bruce has no plans on returning to his little oasis in the Gem State ever.  He's going to immerse himself back into his career filming as many movies and shows as possible.  Right now he's working on more sequels to the very successful 'Die Hard' movies and many other projects we'll soon be up to date on.

Bruce Willis has always been a welcomed member to our beloved state of Idaho and Bruce... we'll gladly take you back when you've had enough of the Hollywood rat race that'll end up driving you crazy.  We know you may be saying you're never coming back right now BUT... we know you will.  :)

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