Boise State kicks off the football season September 2nd against Troy, but we can get a sneak peak at the season before that, at a luncheon with Coach Harsin and several Bronco players.

The Bronco football luncheon is set for August 28th on campus.

While we're eating right alongside the Bronco student-athletes, we'll hear about some potential highlights for the upcoming season, and they'll help us channel some of the pep and energy for the Troy game when they preview the matchup.

The luncheon starts at 11:30am on the 28th and tickets cost: $17. It will finish up at 1:00 so you won't miss much work.  Tickets are available at

The Broncos have three home games in September, including Troy, New Mexico, and Virginia.  I am so ready for football and snacks!  But first, LUNCH.

Go Broncos.

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