Going into the weekend we didn't have much going on, I love those weekends. Saturday after joining the Mix 106 team at the Pride Parade and having some fun I met up with my wife to make plans for the rest of our day.

We had two ideas which were the famous Cherry Festival in Emmett or check out the 1st annual Wild West Brew fest that was taking place at the Indian Creek Plaza in Caldwell. We decided to stay closer to home and went to Caldwell and had so much fun!

The wild west theme was in full effect with Blacksmithing demonstrations, live music all day, and a beer selection that could please even the most picky beer drinker. It cost $30 to attend but that came with 15 beer tickets. We ended up not using all of ours and gave them to some people we met but it felt like we got our money's worth of beer.

Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins
Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins

It was a tremendous 1st year event at the Indiana Creek Plaza that just seems to be getting better and better with all these fun events.

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