They say the busiest time of the year for breakups is just before Christmas, the second busiest time of the year... Is NOW!

In fact, there's a new dating term called "Valentighting", which is apparently when you dump someone right before Valentine's Day because your budget is too tight to afford dinner, gifts, flowers and chocolates. Sounds pretty shameful, but that's why the weeks leading up to Christmas are so big for breakups as well. People don't want to blow money on gifts if they're getting ready to dump someone, that and they like to kick the new year off with a fresh start, and sometimes that means leaving someone behind.

Spring and Summer are pretty big for breakups as well, it seems people like to get in great shape and float down the Boise river alone, or even with someone new!

My bad-timing breakup one year was on April 1st, yes, April Fool's Day. But it wasn't a prank, we actually broke up, and when I told my friends about it, they didn't believe me! Which was fair enough cause that was one of those relationships where we broke up and got back together a few times.

And by the way, if the idea is to break up with someone because you don't want to spend the money, maybe you don't have to? Maybe talk to your person and go "hey, can we keep it low key this year?" Just my idea, but I'm no expert. Either way, enjoy your Valentine's Day!

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