If your dog goes missing for nine months, would you give up hope?  One thing is sure -- one dog didn't give up, and returned home after nine months in the Idaho Mountains. 

TIME Magazine says Darwin and Cindy Cameron were on a hunting trip last September when their dog wandered away, and they stayed near Horseshoe Bend (30 miles north of Boise) for three months looking for her.  Eventually the winter weather came, and the snow got too deep and the conditions became too rigid for the search to continue so they gave up the physical search.  But not hope.

Mo is an elderly Chesapeake Bay Retriever that wandered around in the mountains, eating who knows what and encountering other animals that she'd probably never seen before.  Eventually, after the mountains had taken a serious toll on Mo's weight and strength, a rancher found her and took her in, and posted a message on Facebook looking for the owners.  The Cameron's were eventually reunited with Mo, thanks to the power of social media.

Mo was a bit of a wreck after spending all of that time in the wild, and at first the owners weren't sure it was the right dog.  But after getting her home, the mannerisms and interactions helped them become a hundred percent sure it was their Mo.

Don't you wish dogs could talk?  I bet Mo has some pretty awesome stories to tell, and a blockbuster movie could be in her future.  We'll be watching.

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