Science may be starting to agree that a full moon does make us all a little more unruly than usual. Here's when you can expect the next full moon in the Treasure Valley so you can prepare yourself.  

A friend of mine is a pediatric dentist, who swears her patients are a little more uncivilized on days when there's a full moon.  The kids don't want to lay back on the dental chair to get their teeth cleaned and they fight x-rays.  Maybe they just don't like the dentist!  Or maybe there is a little something to this idea that we all turn into wild animals when the full moon is out.

Scientists studied kids from twelve countries, and concluded that on average when there's a full moon, kids lose five minutes of sleep per night.  And that can make them a little edgy the next day.

That might also explain why your co-workers are a little harder to deal with after a full moon.  Some say a full moon can hike up the irritability and anger levels, and make people snap at you more quickly.  Oh,and the experts also note that the effects of a full moon can have an impact two days before and two days after. So starting Wednesday, if anyone bites your head off, you can chalk it up to the lunar cycle.

The next full moon over Boise happens this Thursday night, April 21, and it will peak between 11:30pm and midnight.

Anyone wanna take Friday off?

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