It's time to pat ourselves on the back (although that might change the rankings), as Idaho has been declared one of "the least sinful states" in WalletHub's look across the country.

The website releases numerous rankings throughout the year, typically using criteria to evaluate how states or cities across the country stack up.

While Florida and California lead the list of the most sinful states, Idaho is in the bottom 10 coming in 43rd of 50.

WalletHub used 38 key indicators of immorality (and the cost that can come with the behaviors) in evaluating the rankings for sinful states.  A few of the key indicators include violent crimes, excessive drinking, and gambling.  They closely match the "seven deadly sins."

It might be a surprise that Vermont has the worst drug use problem, but it's far less shocking that Nevada is the most gambling-addicted.

The most stand out rankings for Idaho include the following (where 1 is the most sinful and 25 is the average):

•15th – Anger & Hatred
•44th – Jealousy
•41st – Excesses & Vices
•24th – Greed
•42nd – Lust
•42nd – Vanity
•32nd – Laziness

Idaho's ranking of 43rd out of 50 is better than all of our neighbor states with the exception of Utah (who came in 47th).  Washington ranked 12th most sinful.

You can see more breakdowns and background at


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