As summer trails off here in the Boise, Idaho area it's easy to think of floating the river, relaxing at Quinn's Pond, eating fair food, and screaming at the top of our lungs at our favorite rodeo but now it's time for those temperatures to start dropping and YES, rain, rain, rain.

We haven't had any type of substantial moisture for months but tomorrow should be that day where we don't necessarily have to worry about our lawns getting watered, blasting our air conditioner, or slapping on sunscreen.

The cloudy skies continue here in the Treasure Valley with a small chance (10%) of rain tonight and a much larger chance (50%) tomorrow.  Here's the forecast for this week.


Beautiful temperatures from the low 70's that end up in the upper 70's by week's end is the mildest temperatures we've had since the beginning of summer.  Tomorrow morning we'll see umbrellas, windshield wipers, and wet puddles throughout Treasure Valley streets.  The sunshine will be back by Tuesday but the mild temperatures will continue for at least a couple more weeks according to

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