Next time you see an Idaho Steelheads game, it won't be at Centurylink Arena. It'll be in the freshly renamed Idaho Central Arena in Downtown Boise.

Same facility, same amenities, same hockey ACTION, but the tickets will have a different name on them. Idaho Central Arena, now sponsored of course by the fine folks over at Idaho Central Credit Union.

This is such a cool venue, and if you've been around for any length of time, you've gotten to experience a game or a show or some other awesome night out at the 5,000 seat arena.

The name change will take a little getting used to. I think it's great that it'll be Idaho Central Arena instead of Idaho Central Credit Union Arena. That would get a little wordy if you had to say it ten times fast.

Uplifting news in the time of Covid-19, I suppose. When everything is getting canceled left and right, it's nice to know that one of these days we'll get back to normal life and we'll be able to go see some good ole fashioned, rugged hockey at an arena while we drink beer, cheer on our Steelheads and wait for a fight to break out. It'll be a nice change from 2020, the year of Facebook wars, virus' and now wildfire smoke.

What's your favorite venue in town? What's your favorite memory at CenturyLink arena? Are you excited to get back and see a game? Hope to see you there! Thanks to for the info!

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