This is something that weighs heavy on my heart, seeing as my oldest son was adopted from foster care at the age of 6. He experienced so much in his early years and the stories he tells us of how he, and other kids, lived can be difficult to hear. But, it's real life. It's these kids lives.

A lot of people don't realize, that when a child goes into foster care, they don't always stay at the same home the entire time. Many times, they will bounce around from home to home. Sometimes it's due to foster family license issues, the number of children allowed in each home, special needs, etc. When a child goes to a new foster home, they don't pack up a nice little suitcase with a full wardrobe and compartments for all of their personal hygiene products.

Most kids go from home to home with limited belongings in a plastic bag. Sometimes, a backpack, but I've seen more garbage bags than I even want to admit. We had a foster child in our home that came to us for a short stay, with 3 outfits in a garbage bag. THREE! In a GARBAGE BAG! These kids aren't garbage. They shouldn't have their things stuffed in one. Every child that has stayed in our home has come with a disposable bag of some kind and they leave with a brand new suitcase. We take them to the store and let them pick out their own suitcase and a few new outfits. We load it up with diapers or underwear, toothbrushes, shampoo, and bath soap, and let them pick out a stuffed animal or toy.

It's something I feel so passionate about, so to hear about a group of Boise State Business students doing something for foster children in need, warms my heart.

The students are working with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare’s One Church One Child program, to help gather items foster children need as they transition into their foster home. It;s called "Blessings for Foster Kids".

The most important needs are personal hygiene items, new socks and underwear, and diapers.

If you would like to help BFF Kids, please click HERE!

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