The first week back at Boise State is a chance for students to get into a groove with new classes and routines, but there are plenty of fun routine breakers happening this week too, like pizza parties and bowling events.  If you're out of school now, were your college days like this?

Maybe I was too socially awkward to notice back then, but I don't think my beloved Nebraska campus ever organized this many welcome events to start a new semester when I attended.  Boise State for the win!  BSU is connecting students with job opportunities this week, they're hosting art exhibitions, and English majors are even having a pizza social today (Wednesday).

Students can get connected with the job search on BroncoJobs, and that's ongoing this week through Saturday.

The English Majors Pizza Social starts at noon today in the Liberal Arts building, and it's a chance for English majors to network with faculty while grabbing the free food.

They're having free fitness classes each day this week at the Student Rec Center, and today it's Power Yoga.  Oh, and the Kettlebell class on Friday!  Have you tried that?  I got a Kettlebell for Christmas and my shoulders have been sore ever since, but it's some great cardio.  These fitness classes are running each day through the week from Noon to 12:50.

Thursday there's a bowling and billiards event in the Student Union Games Center, and it's hosted by Boise State Broncofit Peer Health Educators and Nutrition Interns.

The idea is to get students off to a healthy, well-connected start this semester, and it might give the rest of us a swift kick and a reminder that plugging in is always a good thing.  We'll follow your lead, Broncos.

After the men's basketball game last night against Fresno State, we can go watch more hoops tonight.  The women take on Fresno State at 7pm at Taco Bell Arena.  Glad you're back, Broncos!

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