Without us pesky humans around, animals might have a lot more peaceful existence.  One Boise State alum is studying our impacts, and just got a grant for more than half a million dollars to research the effects of noise and light on wildlife.

Boise State assistant professor Neil Carter is leading a team of researchers that will us a $529,000 grant from NASA to study the effects of human-made light and noise on wildlife in the US.

NASA collects the night data with infrared imaging, and the National Park Service contributes maps of sound.  Carter and his team will collaborate to look at the effects of road noise or light pollution on mammal and bird species, and the results could help identify which parks would benefit the most from reducing noise and light pollution.

Jesse Barber from Boise State is also in on the project, according to the BSU website.  And they're working with researchers from California Polytechnic State University, and Utah State too.

Do you ever wonder that the animals are thinking about all of our buildings, roads, lights, and noise?  I do. They must be wondering why we need so much stuff.  This team of researchers is getting ready to read their minds a little more.


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