Most of us are excited about the recent trend of warmer weather in the Treasure Valley and we should be. But, it's important to remember that there are some creatures in Idaho also "excited" for the warmth and if you're not careful, you could be left with the ultimate nightmare.

"I have had it with these ************* SNAKES on this ************* PLANE!"

Unfortunately for us, Samuel L. Jackson isn't able to save the Treasure Valley from what warmer weather brings: snakes.

According to an expert for a snake removal service, snakes feel most comfortable being active between 68 and 80 degrees... basically, right around the temperatures Boise is currently experiencing.

The expert has a somewhat terrifying and sobering rule of thumb when wondering if snakes could be inhabiting a space:

...if the temperature is comfortable for people to be outside in the sun for 10 or 15 minutes, chances are the snakes are enjoying it as well.

The snake problem can be serious in Idaho too. Does anyone else remember that time a house in Rexburg was COMPLETELY infested with HUNDREDS of snakes? That's a whole lotta nope!

THREE MONTHS! These people lived in that home for three months and even describe the sound of "scales rubbing against the drywall." Are you kidding? That's going to be a huge nope from us.

If these slithery nightmares love to get cozy in this weather, where will you find them? Where are they hiding? Let's take a look...

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It's important to know which snakes can be super harmful and which aren't. Thankfully, we have you covered ESPECIALLY, if you think you could have some snakes around.

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It's not just snakes either! These terrifying spiders are also invading Idaho and must be stopped!

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