There's something about college sports and the passion, dedication, and the way it brings people together that I really love. Tailgating is one of the ways you can really see it. People gather hours before a game to socialize and celebrate their love for their school and the sports.

Dale Fackler of Eagle graduated from Boise State in 1968. He felt so welcomed and grateful to be given the opportunity for the education being a veteran and since then, he and his wife have made a point to give back to the University. He worked hard to renovate a motor home and turned it into the ultimate Bronco tailgating vehicle. One lucky person will win this awesome vehicle to show off at tailgate parties and around town, because he donated the RV to the BSU Alumni and Friends Center to auction off to raise money for scholarships.

If you win this very cool orange and blue Bronco motor home, it comes with an overnight tailgating spot and storage for the rest of the year!

Tickets for the raffle are $100 and only 1,000 tickets will be sold, so get yours early!
You can get them at any Bronco Shop location, the Alumni and Friends Center or the Allen Noble Hall of Fame Gallery. The drawing will be on May 6th! Good luck!

Thee 2017 Boise State Football season kicks off in just less than six months! Find the schedule and link to get your tickets HERE!

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