Out of the country where do we stack up for retirees? Are they flocking to Boise?

Wallethub did another one of their awesome surveys using key metric determining where the best places to retire are in the country. Finding out that the new age to retire is 65 or hopeful age which in the 90's was 60.

Boise ranked in the top 25 and Nampa in the top 100 for best places to retire. Boise came in at 21, with the highest marks going to the quality of life which speaks volumes for this area. Nampa's highest came in the healthcare rank which is an important factor for retired folks and overall fell at 77. If you are planning retirement you can find more info, keymetric in depth analyses and a better look here.

I thought for sure the top 5 would hold some places in California but no Florida, Arizona and South Carolina. I did like breaking it up by main factors and seeing that the number one place for activities for retirees is Washington, DC.

Source: WalletHub

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