As a parent, I have found myself becoming more conscious of the troubles with our environment. I want to encourage my children to treat our planet with care and respect so that they will have a beautiful home to cherish for years to come. One thing that we like to implement in our household is recycling. So when I heard about Boise's new recycling partnership I was pretty excited!

Recently China, which has been a major market for US recycling materials, announced that it will no longer be accepting certain plastics. Knowing that these items still needed to be recycled, Boise Public Works forged a partnership with Salt Lake City based waste management company Renewlogy.

Renewlogy specializes in hard to break down plastics, using a unique clean technology to break them down into the material they came from - oil.

In addition to now managing our resources regionally instead of overseas, BPW has announced that our local tough plastics will be broken down into diesel fuel using Renewlogy's non-burning, absent-of-oxygen process. The city has received a $50,000 grant from Dow Chemical to get the program up and running this year and stands to be a model for other cities looking to cut down on plastic waste.

Find out more, HERE.

Or learn about Renewlogy on Facebook, HERE.

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