Boise's new addiction recovery center is open at 511 South Americana Blvd., after Monday's ribbon cutting with Mayor Bieter.  The people that use the new center may become its biggest asset.

The Phoenix Multisport will be a place for those going through the addiction recovery process to connect with people who are going through the same thing, or in some cases have already put the addiction in the rear view mirror.

Many people who have committed to a "sober lifestyle," will be there to help others who want to pursue that path, according to Boise Weekly.

The Phoenix opened Monday afternoon with the official ribbon-cutting.

It's a unique program that helps people take their minds off of the addiction, by pursuing new challenges like Crossfit, mountain-climbing, yoga, running, cycling, and more.  The Phoenix says it has helped more than 22,000 people nationwide so far, and the only membership fee is 48 hours of continuous sobriety.

Those behind the program say that connecting with people, making new friends, and staying active are keys to getting healthy and remaining focused.  The recovery program has had a high success rate so far in other parts of the country, and we're sure it will become another great resource for those in Boise who need it.

Donations are encouraged, and you can click HERE for more on how to chip in.

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