Is it just me or have addictions reared their ugly head with a vengeance since the pandemic hit? I have found myself battling all the cravings to an extreme and I don't know how to get back on track. 

It's no secret I battle a Diet Coke addiction. I've tried other forms of caffeine, drops in my water, tea, coffee, but there is nothing quite like those bubbles, the sound of cracking that can open, and the taste that gets me.

I've found that when I get stressed out I turn to a few things, Diet Coke and sugar. I'm well on my way to packing on the "quarantine 15" and as much as I know these things aren't good for me, I use the pandemic and the stress that has come from it as an excuse.

I have people who are close to me who struggle with alcoholism and as much as I have condoned that behavior, when I look at my own life I don't know that my addiction is much different. (Other than the fact that I won't kill someone getting behind the wheel of a car after drinking a Diet Coke.) The addiction part is the same.

Sadly, I saw the news that Melissa Ethridge's 21-year-old son, Beckett, just passed away from opiod addiction. I feel very grateful that my addictions haven't taken that corse, but I definitely get the mindset. It made me wonder though if depression from being isolated during the pandemic played any role in his addiction escalating to his death.

I'm also curious, if you have overcome an addiction, how did you do it? I've never been successful at a diet and anytime I try to cut anything out of my life it seems that's the only thing I want and I end up caving!

Have your vices become worse since COVID-19 hit? If so, how are you planning to get back on track?

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