I don't know that there is a more fun sounding job title in the Treasure Valley, and it's a position that needs to be filled!

One of the greatest things about living in the Treasure Valley is all the potential adventures we have around us. Unfortunately, it's pretty common to get in a rut where you go to work and home and work and home without bringing any real adventure into your life. What if instead of living to work and working to live, going to work in and of itself was the adventure?

I stumbled upon this opening when I was scrolling through Instagram and thought the only right thing to do would be to spread the word. Do you like riding bikes? Do you like talking about it? Do you know the valley and it's surrounding areas well? Have you been a bike traveler before?

If so, according to Bike Touring News' instagram page, they're looking for you.

Here's the link to officially apply and it's got all the rest of the intricate details printed for you to digest but it sure sounds like this would be a gig full of fun and adventure, and probably a bit different than having endless meetings on Zoom as we've all gotten so used to.

Also, if you haven't already done so, take a few minutes to learn more about bike traveling and how awesome it can be. I think I may have just found a cool new hobby... I can... not... wait... for spring and summer weather to come back around!



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