Legos can be the best thing and the worst thing to happen to parents.  Those little blocks can keep the kids entertained for hours, but stepping on one on the way to the bathroom at 3am can produce searing agony comparable to child birth.

Let's focus on the bright side!  The Lego Americana Show is impressive, and may be the best use of Legos, ever.  Boise hosts it this weekend.

Boise Towne Square says this will be the only Lego Americana Road Show in Idaho, and it starts tomorrow (Saturday).  The Lego masters are building replicas of national landmarks, and it truly is amazing how much detail they can include in things like the White House and the Statue of Liberty.

While the exhibit is in Boise, they'll have kids events to go along with it, like the build-your-own-Independence Hall workshop July 15th and 16th.  They'll also have a kids' play area as part of the road show each day, so kids can mess with Legos while parents try to figure out how in the heck the masters built those 25-foot structures with all those small pieces without stepping on one.  Or maybe they did and the excruciating pain inspired them to build bigger.

The Lego Americana Road Show travels around the country each year, and Boise will host it at Towne Square Mall from July 8th through July 23rd.  It's free!


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