If you're with someone who also enjoys running and you don't quite get it, there's finally a place for you to congregate with other confused significant others...and it ends in a steak dinner for you!

The Idaho Beef Council is tweaking their annual "Race for the Steaks" formula to include a .5K "race" on Saturday, October 5! No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. That decimal point is in the right place.  The new race option is a point-5K.  That's .3 miles. That's less than two laps around a high school track. Once you cross the finish line, you get to enjoy a free steak dinner just like all the crazies who paid the same amount of money to run the 5K or 10K.

To celebrate July being Idaho Beef Month, registration is only $30 through July 31. $10 of that registration fee goes directly to the Beef Counts program benefiting The Idaho Foodbank.  Even better? Double R Ranch is matching each those donations so your $10 turns into $20.

So let's break that down, pay $30 to walk 547 yards (or 3.1 miles or 6.2 miles if you're feeling super fit,) get a free t-shirt, a pass from making dinner and make a huge difference for the Idaho Foodbank during the time of the year where people aren't necessarily thinking about giving. I really can't think of a better reason to get off the couch than that, right?

Right! So jump on board before Idaho Beef Month is over and prices go up by clicking HERE! 

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