It's hard not to wake up with a huge smile on your face after spending yesterday on a jet boat tour up Hells Canyon with the amazing team from Killgore Adventures. The outing was set up in advance because this much fun must be set up in advance, click here if you want to get signed up!


When you tell people you're going to jet boat up Hells Canyon it sounds pretty intense, but as we were discussing on the boat yesterday it's not just for thrill seekers. Anyone age 3 to 103 would have so much fun as you see so much breathtakingly beautiful terrain.

Each captain on the boats will also give you funny yet historically accurate lessons about things that have happened on the Canyon over the years. If you're looking for great places to fish, you will see lots of that when you go on this adventure as well. The tour took multiple stops along the way for history lessons or bathroom breaks.

Lunch was included and delicious (especially the potato salad), before we got back on the boat to go back down the rapids with the water having risen throughout the day. Yep, time for the fun stuff where most people on the boat get drenched!

Knowing how special this opportunity was, Savannah and I elected to move to the very front of the boat. It was kinda like being the first cart on a roller coaster, and so much fun! We got SOAKED... but that was the point... and the water dried quickly in the hot July sunshine.

brown bear

All in all it was a tremendous day on the water with a very knowledgeable, experienced, and safe crew. If you have family coming into town or just want to recreate here in Idaho, this is the experience for you! I can promise you will not be disappointed with your experience, and you will have stories to tell for years to come.

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