Over the last year, the City of Boise closed down the homeless encampment under the Connector (and next to the Interfaith Sanctuary).  Now, some are returning to the area.

Rhodes Park under the Connector has seen some homeless residents return over the summer, likely as the location provides shelter from the sun and cooler temperatures.  City officials and law enforcement has allowed people to stay at the park during the day, but are not allowing the park to become an overnight location.

The area had become dangerous with unsanitary conditions and crowding prior to the closure of the homeless campground, and officials say they are going to ensure that doesn't occur again.  They also say they want to keep the area safe for families and kids who utilize the skate park.

There are shelters and new housing options that are coming to assist in getting people indoors at night, and officials say that is the most important step to keep things safe for all people involved.

KTVB Newschannel 7 has more on what's happening under the Connector.

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