The Boise Farmers Market is now open with a Drive-Thru option so that you can get all the fresh, local produce your heart desires without even getting out of your car!

It's that time of year... Farmer's market time! Fresh produce as far as the eye can see; fruits, veggies and all kinds of custom local creations! This year, the Boise Farmer's Market is offering a drive-thru option and it's so easy to take part!

According to the Boise Farmer's Market's official site, ordering an pick up is this easy:

  1. Shop in our online store Tuesday - Wednesday. There you will find great local produce, proteins and products from your favorite BFM vendors!

  2. When you are finished shopping, confirm your order and choose a pickup time.

  3. Pick up your order at your chosen time on Saturday at our Drive-thru pickup location at 1500 Shoreline Drive.

That’s it! Fresh local goodness in 3 easy steps!

Here's how the drive-thru farmer's market works.

Local farmer's markets are always the best place to find not only great produce, but also things you never knew you needed! At Caldwell's farm to for farmer's market I ended up with some natural beard softening cream that made my beard super silky and soft. I've gone home with gifts for friends and family, specialty foods and snacks like tamales and endless other fun finds. So while things may not be entirely back to "normal" yet, this may be a great option to get your farmer's market fix!

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