As we near the end of 2022, many of us are making resolutions and many of you even shared what you think Boise's new year's resolutions should be. Amidst all of the suggestions and the chatter on things discussed in 2022, there appears to be one common theme - driving.

"Boise - Bad Driver Spotted" Anyone?

If you've heard of the Facebook group, "Boise - Bad Driver Spotted", you know where this is going. It's a group that allows people to share and vent their frustrations with - you guessed it - bad driving experiences. The moderators of the group do a pretty good job of keeping the posts that have valid complaints and you'll certainly get a glimpse of wild encounters via photos and/or film shared in the group. Why does this matter? Because it's incidents like this that show up in the group prove there needs to be some sort of change to driving laws:

That's right - a double accident that took place earlier this year that shows we have a clear problem on the roads of the Treasure Valley. Thankfully, it doesn't appear anyone was seriously hurt but behavior like that happens behind the wheel every day in Idaho.

But what's the solution?

Is it something that includes more efficient ways to "communicate" with fellow drivers? Perhaps it's a rule for people who drive a certain vehicle? We asked you to share your suggestions on what should be changed in 2023 to benefit the drivers of the Treasure Valley. Want to add to the list? Let me know here! Let's get to it...

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