If there's one thing the residents of Boise love about their city, it's the fact that it's near and dear to their hearts. Once upon a time, Boise wasn't as large as it was but that didn't stop it from attracting the attention of some of the biggest names in entertainment.

That was the case exactly 58 years ago when one of the biggest bands of all time performed in Boise... in a high school auditorium. That's how different the times were back then! Imagine, you're in (then) small-town Boise which had a population of just 59,000 people in 1964... and you see one of the most revolutionary American bands of all time... in a high school auditorium. That revolutionary band? The Beach Boys.

It's still crazy to wrap my head around and obviously, The Beach Boys weren't the only band to find their way to the Treasure Valley to perform at their peak.

Let's dive into the other amazing musicians and artists who've made a stop in Boise to perform during their peak according to concert archives.

58 Years Ago, One of the Most Iconic Bands Performed in Boise

Boise has played host to tons of concerts over the years and we can't believe that these seven artists performed in the Treasure Valley.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Does Boise Need a New Concert Venue? We're Thinking YES

Boise has a handful of concert venues, but they're just not quite hitting the mark.

Gallery Credit: Stephanie Gull

Major Concerts Coming to the Boise Area in 2022

In 2021, we slowly saw the return of live music to the Treasure Valley. 2022 promises to be even bigger. Click the link of each act to be taken to the venue's website for more information about times and tickets.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

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