According to CopenRoss Growlers Facebook page, they've received clarification that while bars are now closed again in the city of Boise, restaurants will still remain open and allowed to serve alcohol.

So while you won't be able to spend the night raging at a bar for a while, you can still visit restaurants and have drinks; providing they practice social distancing, wear masks and only fill their seats to 50% capacity.

Here's the quote from CopenRoss Growlers' Facebook page:

ayy! Clarification from Boise City that our restaurant dining area can remain open as long as we are following stage 2 protocols for wearing masks, sanitation, social distancing and 50% capacity! Woohooo! Thanks to all that helped get this clarified. I still really hope the city will clarify the order, because many people are questioning it and I don’t want anyone to think we are breaking the rules or not trying our best to keep everyone safe and stay afloat. Thank you! @ CopenRoss Growlers

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