Have you seen the ads that are making so many people mad?  They say, "Don't Fail Idaho" and they're pointed at high school students.  Here's the story behind that phrase.

The J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation started airing the ads in the Treasure Valley in January as a way to boost awareness and interest in charter schools.  The ads claim 1 in 5 public high school students in Boise is not prepared for college, based on SAT scores in 2009 that showed 40 percent of Boise students were below the foundation's benchmark of 1550.

In an article in the Idaho Statesman, Boise school administrators say there is too much reliance on college entrance exams as a predictor of success. Things like advanced-placement, dual-credit and professional-technical classes should be part of the picture too.

What's your reaction?

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