The game itself was so disappointing for this Seahawks fan...but I have to say there were some really great and some really bad ads during the game yesterday.  Here are my picks.

Leave it to Bud to find the most emotional. This was good stuff.

Anything featuring Walter White rocks...just wish Jesse Pinkman would have had a cameo.

Bud once again rocked with a creative ad that made me want the chance to play

Also outstanding and a great laugh...thank you Fiat

The BEST had to go to Chevy Trucks. I was afraid we had lost our signal and my heart rate jumped significantly.

On the other side, these were the ones I thought were losers.

Nissan had a strange statement about parenting and working away. As long as you show up in a new Altima during high school things work out ok?

Jeff Bridges meditating over you sleeping? Huh?

...oh but congrats won worst on my list. It's not that the intentions weren't noble...just that execution and venue were WAY OFF.

Agree? Disagree? What would your list look like?

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