Bogus Basin's season pass sale began on Friday. On day one of the sale, Bogus Basin's website experienced a crash due to such high demand. These are the lowest prices of the year and people have been quick to take advantage.

Tickets have been in high demand all 2020-21 season in fact. Bogus Basin is reportedly seeing a record number of people hitting the slopes during the week, compared to on the  weekends considering there is a limited number of tickets which have been sold out almost every weekend. This demand was most likely expected to an extent as Bogus Basin increased the prices for many of their popular passes to "reflect increased cost of operations, due to growth in the Treasure Valley."

Not only was website traffic overwhelmingly high, but phone lines were also experiencing hold ups with some reports of waits up to 20 minutes! The website appeared to be back up and running around 4 pm on Friday. People were encouraged by management to continue purchasing their passes online instead of arriving at Bogus Basin's headquarters to do so where there was also quite a wait in line.

Sale week prices will continue to the end of the month next week on February 28th. It's no secret that things will get more costly if you wait until after March 1 to purchases season passes. Bogus Basin reported that they are not limiting passes as of now, but depending on the number of passes sold at the end of the month in March that could change.

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