This is WILD... Literally! Hide ya kids, hide ya wife and hide ya husbands cause there are wild animals in our midst!

Occasionally, wild animals make their way into more populated areas and today in Boise, it came in the form of a bobcat. Obviously this is fascinating but should also be taken seriously if you live in the area, and especially if you have kids or pets. I have wiener dogs and I don't think they would fare well if they came face to face with this fella.

Thanks to the wonderful Maggie O'Mara from channel 7 for this find:

Just spotted this morning in SE Boise off Surprise Way! Please watch your pets and kids carefully if you live in this area. “Our neighbor just took this picture! That’s our fence and back door!!! Keep the dogs in this morning!” ~ The Flichel Family

What a surprise to find on surprise way, they must be used to this kind of stuff. Bobcats are such amazing, majestic creatures but they're not house cats... They probably aren't interested in catnip, meow mix and teasers; they're probably hungry for pupperoni if you catch my drift.

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We'll of course keep you updated if there are any incidents involving this bobcat. It's the same as when you have coyotes making their rounds through neighborhoods; best to just be alert, keep your pets inside for a bit and wait for either animal control to put them back out in the wild or for them to make their way back.

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