Some Treasure Valley Schools have already gone back, with lots more going back in the coming weeks. I know when I was growing up I struggled getting back into a normal routine after spending the whole summer playing with friends. Which normally caused my parents to give me some sort of punishment.

It could have been more chores around the house or something else along those lines but in 2019 it seems more difficult to punish your child. My parents we not above spanking me or my siblings. And as an adult I completely understand their thinking. But parents can't or many don't seem to want to do that anymore.

When it comes to punishment now-a-days it almost always centers around technology, like taking away a cell phone. But with so many other ways to be connected, you would need to take the phone, tablet, laptop... etc.

While I am not a parent my best punishment idea would be changing the wifi password. But I am wondering from parents what do you do to be creative when punishing your kids?

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