It's 2019, it's Saturday night in Boise and you've invited a small group of friends over. What are the best board games for adults to play (while drinking or not)?

I've come to have a love/hate relationship with Settlers of Catan. It's such a fun game when it goes your way but when you have a PLAN, and someone ruins it, it can be the most aggravating thing ever.

Apples to Apples is fun and I still enjoy Cards against Humanity from time to time, but I sort of feel like that's so 2013. Ya know? I know Ellen is going through some stuff right now with her show but I'm still very much a fan of her mobile game "Heads Up." It's hilarious, and I feel like maybe I'm even kind of good at it.

Now what about in 2020, you're social distancing, but can you do a game night of some sort? What about games that are sorta socially distanced?

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