I have a myriad of talents. Also, that's not necessarily true. But what I do have a talent for is eating and critiquing food. My father always said the 3 greatest pleasures in life are good sex, good food, and using the restroom. It's a strange saying, but I must agree wholeheartedly with at least the first 2. And of those I enjoy discussing the latter. Few things bring people together like sharing a meal. I feel compelled to guide which meals facilitate that.

Last week I headed to Wild Root Cafe' with Moug for a quick bite after work. We were still in the mood for breakfast as our show ends still in the morning hours. I don't love breakfast food in general, but if it's wrapped in a burrito, I'm all about it. Fittingly, I ordered the vegan version of the Wrapped which consists of scrambled eggs, queso fresco, chorizo, beans, baby spinach, green onions, and tomatillo salsa wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla. The eggs, queso, and chorizo swapped with tofu scramble, vegan cheese, and soyrizo.

I enjoyed it overall. The presentation was lovely and it was filling without making me feel gross. I will say the ratio of beans to scramble and soyrizo was a little overwhelming. It almost felt like the beans were the star, which I wasn't expecting. The tomatillo salsa gave it a nice kick while adding more flavor than heat. I would order it again, but it didn't leave enough of a good impression to stop me from searching for a different burrito today.

This time we chose Even Stevens Sandwiches to satiate our rumbling bellies. The New Morrissey Burrito was BOMB. Soyrizo, tots, roasted red pepper and red onion mix, spinach, and house vinaigrette make up this mouth watering burrito. Tots are a severely underrated form of potato and having these crunchy delights inside the burrito was a surprising but welcome taste. The vinaigrette and red onion provided a refreshing note that kept it from feeling too heavy. It was honestly such a joy to consume this and I can't wait to order it again.

I have to say Even Stevens wins this battle, though I still enjoyed eating at Wild Root Cafe'. Which do you prefer? Is there a different burrito I should try altogether? So long as it can be veganized, I'll gladly scarf it down for research purposes.


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